About Us

Keshava Prabha Microfin Pvt Ltd is India’s first fully paperless and cashless microfinance institution. By following a unique set of processes, we are taking our customers to the next generation of banking – by making them operate in the digital banking domain confidently and comfortably.

Every single loan is disbursed into the bank accounts of the customers after a fully paperless onboarding process – which involves tab based e-KYC and e-sign. Similarly our customers does repayments mostly by transferring the money into the company bank accounts, making our branches completely cashfree.

Keshava Prabha Microfin Pvt Ltd is a fully owned subsidiary of KPB Holdings Ltd, a financial holding company having several other financial establishments.










The Keshava Prabha Microfin Pvt Ltd Edge

Keshava Prabha Microfin Pvt Ltd, a microfinance company started after the demonetisation, was founded on the principles of a cashless and paperless operating model. Operating a completely paperless and cashless model required developing a new legacy free software. The new software created for Keshava Prabha Microfin Pvt Ltd , by KPB Digital, a sister company is built around an Oracle based, core Loan Management System with microservices based front end, which is highly flexible. This flexibility helps us make changes in field processes with ease. For eg: In some of our mature centres, we do monthly centre meetings instead of weekly centre meetings, freeing up the time for our field officers.

Over the growth curve of the company, this software and innovative processes, will reflect in lower operational costs.