KPB Holdings Ltd , the parent company of Keshava Prabha Microfin Pvt Ltd. was incorporated in 2016 in Kochi, Kerala and Keshava Prabha Microfin Pvt Ltd. was conceptualized in November 2016. The genesis of Keshava Prabha Microfin Pvt Ltd. lies in our initiative to partner with the Government, regulators and other key sector participants to accelerate financial inclusion and empower economically weaker sections of the Indian society.

Keshava Prabha Microfin Pvt Ltd. shall have a holistic approach to the financial needs of the Indian population bringing the best of technology and its distribution network capabilities. The institution being founded by leaders from India’s largest social welfare organization, it has ability to bring together the best of capabilities ranging from people, technology, methodologies and above all, the value system for running a social welfare oriented financial institution.

In view of the recent demonetization and the government’s vision to move India towards a cashless economy, Keshava Prabha Microfin Pvt Ltd. Ltd. is India’s first cashless Micro Finance Institution. Through the cashless MFI, the aim is to empower the deprived sections of the society as well as contribute to the country’s digitization process by adopting digital payments.

Keshava Prabha Microfin Pvt Ltd does cashless loan disbursements through customer’s bank accounts and have cashless collections, in the process not only streamlining operations, but also reducing associated costs in dealing with cash.


To root the fundamentals of a developed India by providing a universal, transparent and equitable financial support platform for the weakest sections of its society.